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Everybody likes to start back to school with new stuff…whether it is clothing or new supplies…it just needs to be new because you want to impress your friends…that’s just the way we work as human beings….after all, the first week back is mostly seeing who we know and who we want to get to know….

Every child will need a white shirt, whether they are in the band or going to an event, so I highly recommend you jump on that early….make sure you watch the size as younger children grow pretty fast…..

Your child cant start to school without a new lunch box and backpack……these backpacks are strong and sturdy and the lunch box coolers have multiple styles and colors to choose….Start your kid off with a hug and positive thoughts and watch him excel….and  school supplies!!

School Days

Yes it is that time again when the bells will ring and the kids will be eager to meet the old friends as well as scout around to see who their new friends may be….so along with returning to school there will be supplies, lots of supplies….just click on the imagine below and you will find all you need…


You can find information for Preschoolers and have them ready before they get to school….this workbook will teach them their alphabets, their numbers, and colors as well as beginning math and how to adjust in school….there are over 300 colorful exercises that makes learning so much fun!

Ages 3/5


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We are here to provide crafty ideas for projects. guide you to our shopping portals for your school & art supplies and over all just have fun…

We have the waterproof smock/aprons for the kiddies !!! You will come to appreciate them when the painting and play-do and other fun things the kiddies enjoy getting their hands into begins….